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About Mainstream Boutique

Our differentiated brand, sound business strategy and committed home office support team are ready to help you make your dream of owning your own boutique a reality. Guided by our mission to love, strengthen and celebrate, we are dedicated to giving our franchisees the same brand experience we promise to our customers.

Leverage Our Experience

“Winners learn from the past and look toward the future.”

Mainstream Boutique is winning formula. We are a unique fashion and accessories franchise concept with 30 years of buying and retail experience that we share with our franchise owners. We are committed to continuous growth and evolution to stay at the forefront of the fast-moving world of fashion.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we operate our own corporate stores in four states, investing our own resources to test out new product, marketing and store design approaches to identify what works best.

Leverage Our Brand

The Mainstream Boutique brand has become synonymous with unique, fun and exciting apparel and accessories for today’s busy woman. We work to continually strengthen our brand presence with new approaches in Marketing, social media, and e-commerce.

This investment has made succeeding in small business ownership a very rewarding experience for our amazing nationwide network of more than 80 Mainstream Boutique franchise owners in 24 states.

Leverage Our Products

Our buying team visits hundreds of vendors at markets nationwide to find the best on-trend and upcoming fashions. We partner with vendors who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to quality products. Our buying power positions us to offer our customers affordable products while delivering favorable margins to our franchisees.

All Mainstream Boutique franchise owners have access to carry our exclusive brand, “Mac and Me,” which has grown a loyal following. Each year we expand our Mac and Me product offerings that customers can only find at Mainstream Boutique.

Our winning franchisee network, coupled with our retail experience, brand position and exciting products, have created an unstoppable force in the marketplace. We are excited for what’s ahead.