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We are proud of what our franchisees have been able to accomplish in their communities through their Mainstream Boutiques. There are countless stories from our owners on how they made a positive difference in the lives of people that walked through their doors. Below is just a sample from some of our successful owners. They love what they do, and really live out our mission – to empower, strengthen, and celebrate the women in our communities through fashion.


Mainstream Boutique of Castle Pines
Mainstream Boutique of Aurora

“I have been so blessed in my life, and as I started thinking about what was next, I knew I wanted to give back in some form or "fashion." Mainstream has allowed me to build a business about women, for women, and to encourage women. I have been able to create jobs for women wanting to get back into the workforce, as well as those starting out in a career in fashion. These women and their experiences enrich my life and bring me such joy when they are able to help a woman find the perfect outfit, to build a wardrobe after weight loss, weight gain or just cleaning out a closet! They are in the business of making women love themselves inside and out, and in doing that for others, I see them love themselves a little more, too.

After two years, I fell in love with an area south of the Aurora store. It just felt like home. I knew it was the perfect spot for our second store. I knew that we could build the same model in that store and help cultivate relationships as we had in Aurora, and we are, one customer at a time.

Our customers let us into their lives and make owning a Mainstream such a rewarding experience. They laugh with us and cry with us. We bring them joy and they give it right back to us. Why wouldn't I want to open another one!?”


Mainstream Boutique of Northfield

“Owning a Mainstream Boutique has added more to my life than I would have ever expected. It is so much more than just ringing up a transaction on the cash register. It’s about the people I encounter on a daily basis. Whether they are a visitor wondering where to have lunch, a regular customer who we greet on a first name basis, or someone new to the store looking for an outfit for a special occasion, I feel blessed to have these interactions! Being actively involved in the community has also been an important and rewarding part of owning my business. I feel very fortunate to be part of a business atmosphere that works together to create special events and to give back to our community. Additionally, I have met some of the most amazing women who also own a Mainstream Boutique. I could not do what I do if it weren’t for the strong sisterhood of support I receive from them!”

Allison & Debbie

Mainstream Boutique of Woodbury
Mainstream Boutique of Mendota Heights

“Owning our boutiques has been such an exciting and rewarding experience! We have met so many new people in Woodbury and Mendota Heights and the surrounding cities that we now consider them friends. Also owning a boutique with my daughter, Allison, has given us many hours working together which we would not have had otherwise. When your business is thriving, and people love your store there is no better feeling! Coming from the corporate world has made me appreciate being my own boss. When you own your own business, you have a lot of flexibility! I don't consider owning a store a job but an adventure! We are a team. That is what I love about Mainstream! I learn so much from everyone, and I feel like I have grown because of all of you amazing women.”


Mainstream Boutique of Savage

“I've always been fascinated by the forever changing world of fashion. I knew I was destined for the clothing industry! It is, and forever will be, something I'm passionate about. I went to school for Apparel Design, and along the way discovered my love for business. I then majored in Fashion Merchandising & Buying/Store Management with a Minor in Business. This seemed to be the best of both worlds - fashion & business! After college, I worked in Buying & Merchandising for a large-scale retailer. I eventually left their home office and went into Store Management for the same company. Eventually, I knew I wanted to start my own business later in life.

Two years ago, I relocated to Minneapolis and discovered Mainstream Boutique - the rest is history! What I love the most about my job is witnessing first-hand how we can change and influence lives using fashion every day. I sincerely consider many of our customer’s good friends. We are here to create lasting memories and help women feel amazing. Our customers are always our number one priority. After all, they are what drives this business! I've been blessed to have worked with some extremely talented people within the retail industry throughout my career. I continue to learn new things each day through the guidance of Marie, Mainstream Boutique's Founder, and the rest of the franchise team.

It's extremely rewarding to be able to pay-it-forward and help train and develop others and to create jobs in this tough economy. I am very fortunate every day to be able to work with my future sister-in-law, who works with me full-time, along with the amazing team of women at our store. Watching our team grow and develop connections with our amazing customers is truly priceless!”

Liz & Rebecca

Mainstream Boutique of North Canton

“My sister, Rebecca had approached me with the idea of going into a business where we shared our love for fashion as well as entertaining people. As we compared starting from the bottom or else buying into a franchise, we realized that a franchise was exactly what we wanted. Once we discovered all the wonderful things Mainstream had to offer, we moved forward. Going into this, my sister and I had decided that she would be in charge of buying and merchandising, and I would be in charge of events and marketing. A perfect business marriage.

These last 5 months have been truly a blessing, and I still wake up every morning have a hard time believing where we are today, and it’s all just the beginning. About a month into opening, we were asked to be a part of a huge fashion show that one of our main hospital’s women’s groups put on every year. Recently, we were selected to be a part of the Hall of Fame Fashion Show, which is a national event here in North Canton. Furthermore, we will be styling and donating outfits for the Hall of Fame Queen and her court. We have events lined up throughout the year: fashion shows, charity events, expos, etc. God has blessed us in so many ways. Words cannot even describe how grateful Rebecca and I am to be a part of Mainstream Boutique.”