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We are proud of what our franchisees have been able to accomplish through their Mainstream Boutiques. We hear countless stories about Mainstream Boutique owners who make a difference in the lives of their customers, who go the extra mile to promote other small businesses, and who volunteer their time to causes important to their communities.

Our franchisees make a difference because they are passionate about what they do and believe in our mission to love, strengthen, and celebrate others.


Savage, Minn.

After a career as a buyer and retail clothing store manager, I knew I eventually wanted to start my own business. What I love the most about being a franchisee is witnessing first-hand how we can change and influence lives using fashion every day. Our customers are always our number one priority and I work with an amazing team of women who are committed to service. Watching our team grow and develop connections with our amazing customers is priceless!

Allison and Debbie

Mendota Heights and Woodbury, Minn.

Coming from the corporate world, owning a franchise has made me appreciate being my own boss. Owning our boutiques has been such an exciting and rewarding experience that has given us many hours working together, which we are so grateful for. When your business is thriving and people love your store there is no better feeling! I learn so much from everyone, and I feel like I have grown because of all of you amazing women.

Christi and Alayna

Janesville, Wis.

We visited several boutique concepts and what made Mainstream Boutique unique and appealing is the dedication to the customer experience. Every customer has the opportunity to work with a stylist who is committed to making them feel great when they walk out the door. Franchising is right for me because we did not want to create an entire brand or establish all of the connections to buy merchandise, and we love having access to all the necessary training and systems needed to run a successful business. And we love what our organization stands for: Making a difference in people’s lives through fashion.


Riverview, Fla.

I love fashion and helping women look and feel great. Opening my own boutique has been a dream of mine since I was five years old. After I left my corporate career and was researching how to make my dream a reality, I said to myself, “If only there was a franchise for this sort of business” and then I found Mainstream. When I visited a local Mainstream Boutique, it was love at first sight. I enjoy my community of loyal customers, my wonderful team and being part of a strong network of franchise owners across the United States.

Greg and Lori

Cincinnati, Ohio

My husband and I loved the idea of owning a boutique but we felt the need for some guidance because the first step into entrepreneurship can be quite scary. Having a support system throughout the process was really important to us and I am still thankful for it every day. To be able to pick up the phone, send an email or text and have someone right there to answer questions, give recommendations, or even just cheer you on is vital to our everyday operations.Owning our own boutique has brought both challenges and triumphs (especially in a year like 2020), but I’ve loved learning more about the business every day. Making a connection to my shoppers, my community, and fellow business owners has been an incredible experience for me. And let’s be honest, I love shopping, I love fashion, and my Mainstream is like one giant closet full of treasures! Putting my heart and soul into something of my own makes even the hardest days worth it, and embodying our mission and lifting up the women who work with us and shop with us is a goal that we try to fulfill every day!


Morgan Hill, Calif.

I visited a Mainstream Boutique store in Waco, Texas and a lightbulb went on immediately. Owning a franchise was a perfect opportunity to combine my background in fashion, retail, the arts and a deep involvement in my community into a successful business. I love partnering with other local small businesses to support and promote one another with fun and creative events for our customers.