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Access to our online Learning Management System, THE STREAM, featuring:

  • Top Stories posted daily for franchisees to read and stay up to date
  • An internal social media platform for franchisees to communicate with one another sharing ideas, inventory swapping to minimize clearance items, sharing top lines, sharing how events went, etc.
  • A resource library where franchisees can download marketing materials/templates, line sheets, forms, business cards…… anything and everything to help the franchise owners run their businesses.

This will give you:

  • A training library, which will include custom, self-paced Mainstream Boutique training content. These training videos/mod tools/manuals are not “off-the-shelf, but our custom created and developed by our home office.
  • The ability to "prescribe" training for employees.
  • The ability to create development plans for employees.
  • Management reports on training progress.
  • Employee transcripts and certifications.