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Smart Retail Systems 

You Provide the Leadership and Motivation and Let Our Systems Help Manage the Business Side.

Mainstream Boutique’s Smart business model enables you to do what you do best---develop your team and Foster and maintain relationships with your customers. Meanwhile, our systems help you with a large portion of the administration and back-office management of the business as well as helping organize customer data, buying trends, and contact information.

Often times the administrative, day-to-day details necessary to run a business, is time-consuming drudgery. However, Mainstream Boutique has made it easier with a support system and training program that is second to none.

Smart Systems - Support

Our support his broad in scope because Mainstream Boutique once it's franchisees to succeed. Each franchisee has complete access to our online, smart business system which enables them to a 360-degree view of each customer’s history and activities.

Additional benefits for our franchisees include:

  • Customer Identification and Management
  • Purchase History
  • Inventory Control
  • Order Entry
  • Payment Processing
  • Labor Scheduling

Smart Systems -  Training 

Our extensive training program revolves around a combination of classroom instruction, on the job training in a franchisee-owned boutique, online training and meetings, plus real world insights on marketing, financial, and management systems.

It is your own business acumen, leadership, and drive that will help you implement the basic business principles you'll need to motivate employees.