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How much does it cost to start a Mainstream Boutique franchise?

The initial investment ranges between $60,000 to $178,000.

What are the financial requirements to be a Mainstream Boutique owner?

To open your Mainstream Boutique, you will need a minimum of $25,000 and be able to finance the balance of the investment.

What is the typical size for a Mainstream Boutique?

The average size is 1,500 square feet for a Mainstream Boutique although the size and shape of each location is unique. Finding a quality location is most important to your success.

Does Mainstream Boutique have customer online ordering?

Online ordering will be available for customer convenience, but will never replace the in-store experience. We are Experiential Retail business where we develop loyal customer relationships.

How is merchandise selected for the stores?

Mainstream Boutique has years of experience hand selecting quality apparel and accessories that are a hit with our customers. With our support, you will be proud of your merchandise collection and impressed with your sales.

What is the day-to-day time commitment of an owner?

Your involvement in your Mainstream Boutique will depend on the strength of the team you build and the role in the business that you select.

How much can I earn as an owner?

As an emerging retail chain, Mainstream Boutique provides significant income potential that is published for your review in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

How do I get started?

Complete the request information form on our website to learn how you can bring a Mainstream Boutique to your community.

What does Mainstream Boutique look for in a Franchisee?

We are looking for individuals that are committed to growing their consultant team (or teams for multi-boutique developers), establish deep relationships with customers and grow their business utilizing our systems and support.