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It all starts with you!

It’s all about your goals and what you want to accomplish with your life. You haven’t yet found that very special opportunity that will allow you to accomplish all your goals, including that of stability and asset creation and you know it won’t come from employment.

We know you are not here looking for another job. You are seeking that special opportunity that will become your own personal “Main Event!”. You're seeking an opportunity that inspires your passion; you want to be proud of what you're doing and you want to have the opportunity to help the people with whom you are working.


Welcome to your MAIN EVENT!


A Mainstream Boutique franchise can reward you with the power you deserve, enabling you to leverage what you’ve accomplished and learned. With a recognized brand and a committed home office and field staff, we have the resources and business model to make your goals, your own Main Event, a reality.

You will appreciate the fact we support our franchisees in the same manner we treat our valued customers.


Leverage Our Experience

Mainstream Boutique is an exciting retail fashion and accessories franchise concept. We travel to markets all over the country and do our own product development. Mainstream’s proven business model and increased media presence has made starting a successful business a very rewarding experience for our franchise owners. We have learned what works and what doesn't. This valuable experience has been assembled into a dynamic franchise opportunity for enterprising individuals like you.

Over the years, Mainstream has evolved and kept up with the ever-changing fashion trends. Mainstream Boutique was born around the kitchen table and now has over 70 stores in 18 states nationwide. Our corporate headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We also operate 2 corporate stores in Apple Valley, Minnesota and Omaha, Nebraska.


Leverage Our Brand

Since the early 1990's, the Mainstream Boutique business model has become synonymous with unique, fun, and exciting apparel and accessories for today's business woman.

But we don't stop there. We continually build our brand by investing in research, buying trends, and consumer-level advertising campaigns.

Combine our brand awareness and buying power with superior customer centric service and you can see why Mainstream Boutique is a winning formula that will continue to grow.


Leverage Our Products, Experience & Strength

One of the key benefits of being a Mainstream Boutique franchise owner is access to our experience buying team and our exclusive product line called "Mac and Me.”

We search the country for vendors that are passionate about what they do and offer unique products made with quality fabrics, and our buying power allows us to offer affordable prices while maintaining favorable margins for our franchisees.

We provide our franchisees a private, password-protected product gallery where they can choose from a wide range of clothing and accessories to purchase for their inventory.

When franchisees find new lines they want to try, there is a process in place to share ideas and to gain approval to bring that item into their boutiques.

The Mainstream brand has been building momentum for almost 30 years in the fashion industry. Because we have a strong infrastructure and business model, it has given us the necessary staying power to be successful in the marketplace.

Being a leader in women's fashion and accessories requires more cutting-edge styles than ever before.

“According to STATISTA, A research group that monitors retail women's apparel in the United States the industry is over $220 billion per year and growing.1

At Mainstream Boutique, we understand that our customers think certain fashion trends are timely and progressive while other fashion trends should be left on the cutting room floor. We are big enough to buy quantity but small enough to be nimble and quick from our market to our boutiques.


Location & Operations

Our customers are multi-generational women of all ages and sizes, and they are always on the lookout for something special to add to their wardrobe. This allows us to reach a broad customer base.

Our customers are busy women who want a convenient location that has easy parking without fighting crowds and cars. Typically, we are in modern strip plazas with a lifestyle mix that attracts women such as hair salons, tanning salons, fitness centers, etc. Plazas such as this offer our franchisees cost-effective rent, allowing them to be more profitable.

With our guidance and support, when your Mainstream Boutique opens for business you will feel confident that you have a retail location you can build on. Mainstream Boutique is poised to increase its signification's market share in this growing industry. We have developed the right programs, the right products, the right services, and the right attitude to provide the right solutions for our customers.


Finding the right retail location is more than important, it is essential.


A message from MARIE

“I have always dreamt of having a company that could offer unique, fun, and exciting apparel and accessories for today's busy woman. With decades of experience in the fashion industry as a buyer, merchandiser, and a planner for large retail companies, I always yearned to branch out and run my own company. I spent years in the Los Angeles fashion District as a fire, merchandiser, and a planner for such companies as Windsor Fashions and Clothestime.

We started Mainstream Boutique in 1991 as a direct sales company selling unique apparel and accessories in home and businesses throughout the Twin Cities.

Soon after its inception, the company was doing 100 shows per month, and the word spread all the way to the Oprah Winfrey Show where I was featured as a successful female entrepreneur. Calls poured in from people all over the world wanting to know how they could do the same thing in their area, and it was at that moment I realized franchising was the answer.”